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Locate Your Target


It's no good simply wishing for change. Unless you release yourself from the Internet stupyification syndrome of hitting the LIKE button or sending a "thumbs-up" mojo, then life is not going to get any better. Our Rules4Radicals workshop teaches you how to become STREET WISE and work together with military precision against a perceived or real threat

Learn From Experts


The facts of life are simple. The intelligensia/ bourgeoise classes are incapable of bringing about revolution as they run for cover as soon as the first shot is fired. The base of the revolutionary pyramid is always stocked by the general working class man. These people are the salt of the earth and simply require strong, fair leadership and to this end ReMovement aims to provide this. We are expecting many military and ex military to attend our workshops. _ _ _..._ _ _ 


ReTake Your Country


Any political change movement taking to the streets but eventually standing down and going back to bed has lost its cause. Once a movement begins its actions then the only acceptable outcome is CHANGE and TOTAL change at that. Anything less is a total waste of time and sweat.