Your 6 Step Plan - Right On Q


1. Join ReMovement - Become a Solutionary

BREXIT2EXIT is the strap-line for the political project which aims to ReClassify the 50,000 sq miles of territory known as England and secede it from the 1707 Act of Union. This is done in the belief that a geographically homogenous population of indigenous people should be able to conduct and manage their own affairs without the intercession of International Stock Market and Banking Capitalists running the show. All assets on English soil will be seized and unitized into a People's Trust. All 3 Pillars of the Government -Judiciary, Executive and Legislature will be purged and recalibrated.


2.Purchase Some DI Streetwear

DI is the reverse of ID and stands for Diplomatic Immunity. Everyone needs to feel that they belong and that they are being looked after. The governments of the world have proved to you that they are NOT your friend but your enemy. The FAKE NEWS MEDIA poisons your mind and renders you dumb. By purchasing our insignia you will be recognisable to those you would serve and those who would be your enemy. The power of the movement is directly linked to the visible presence of the Standard Bearers Logos and Designs which you display.


3. Book Your "Rules4Radicals" Workshop Place

You have seen these change movements before and everyone of them failed in its stated aim. Why? In part because they were just hollowed out meringue creations of The Soros/Obama/Clinton Left, never intended to go anywhere. Secondly they had no leadership or solutions. It's no good thinking you can replace Clinton, Merkel, May or Macron within the SYSTEM. You will only get the same. Peter of England announces his candidature for governance of this English provenance through a proven ability to lead. 


4. ReCruit Like Minded People

We need active people to recruit active people. This movement will grow but it needs watering and attention paying to it - all gardens, Even in Eden, need attention.

Flyers and banners

5. Do You Wish To Participate In Military Tribunals

There is so much to do and we need a "few good men and women". The End Game for this movement is total change for the better. This will entail eventual mass arrests of those who have taken the mantle of power and acted with treachery against you the people. The arrests will be made by the military aided by Patriotic Police and the traitors will be arrested en masse. It will be necessary to try the judges, senior police and military officials for propping up and assisting in the corruption and treachery. Many members of the mainstream media, BBC, SKY, ITV, Times Newspapers, Mail, Telegraph, Independent etc will be arrested for crimes against humanity.

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6. Once Trained Then Teach and Show Others

Heroism is always measured as against the degree of risk undertaken. Heroes are made in the red hot cauldron of contest and striving. Very few, if any, politicians have the discipline, intelligence and calling to lead men for their betterment instead of for their own personal self-agrandizing agendas . The foppish Etonian chinless wonders have tried to run the baton out of the stadium - it's now over for them and it's your turn now! Once an ideas time has come - it's indestructible.

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